Carlos Rafael Uribazo Garrido
Artistic name: Uribazo
Telf USA: 1 678 7991226
Phone home: 34 91 814 3795
Telf cell- España: 34 693 724867

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Born in Santiago de Cuba on April 16, 1951 (CUBA). Graduated from the Jose Joaquin Tejada Provincial
It is devoted to sketching, drawing, painting and graphic design. He taught basic design of the provincial
school circle forming children (1969 -1970) in Santiago de Cuba (CUBA). Professor, Department of
Education Art in University Extension at the University of East (1970 -1971). He worked as a department
head of designing the Old Provincial Council of Culture of the East (1970 -1974).
Integrated different juries and Lounges artistic activities as a member of the Old Provincial Council of
Culture of the Eastern Provinces (1971-1974). Collaborated and worked for over a year in the direction of
the department of graphic design at the EGREM (Label Company of Cuba) (1975-1977). He taught for a
year (1979), specializing in engraving National Art School E.N.A. Cubanac�n in the city of Havana. For
eight years is responsible for the head of Department of Basic Design and Color Theory at the National
School of Design in Havana, where he worked from 1975 to 1983, later moving to exercise their
professional artistic life.
As a teacher has participated in the preparation of plans and programs of studies and technical advisory
team the National School of Design in Havana.

He has taught and lectured on basic design and printmaking at:
- School of Medical Sciences, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1970.
- Institute for Media Education, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1970
- Provincial Elvira Cape Library, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1971.
- Casa de la Juventud, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1971.
- Provincial Conservatory of Music, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1972.
- School of Professional, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1972.
- Casa de la Cultura de Santiago, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1972.
- House of Culture in Holgu�n, Holgu�n, Cuba. 1972.
- School Educator care centers, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1973.
- Ministry of Construction of Havana, Havana, Cuba. 1974.
- School of Arts, Isle of Youth. Cuba. 1975.
- Technical Research Center, Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. 1975.
- National School of Design, Havana. Cuba. 1976.
- National Institute Joint Orense, Galicia. Spain. 1982.
- Ateneo in Orense, Galicia. Spain. 1982.
- Ateneo of La Coruna, Galicia, Spain. 1982.
- International Print Course, organized by the University of Alcala de Henares
Pand the Council of Jaen, Alcala La Real, Jaen. Spain. 1994.
- Recorded Course (Goal 2), organized by the Community of Madrid and the
PEuropean Social Fund Leganes. Spain. 1996.

Participate in the portfolios of Prints:
- Cuban Engravings ICAP (Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples).
- Journalist Day, Revolution and Culture magazine.
- Illustrated Poems, Book Fair 80, Havana.
- Portfolio of Engraving, for the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property.

Investments and jobs:
- He was an advisor Ren� Potocarrero printing workshop the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property.
- Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba UNEAC.
- Member of the International Association of Professional Artists of UNESCO (IAA).
- A member of the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana, Plaza de la Catedral.
- Participates in the integration of the design team gives 79 Journal Third Carifesta Festival
Parts of the Caribbean, held in Havana.
- Designs and calligraphy from the collection of the New Trova album for Label Company of Cuba,
- Make the design of calligraphy group Irakere, for his first trip to U.S.
- Make design of calligraphy SYNTHESIS group.
- Designs and wood carving calligraphic text for the Inglaterra, commissioned by the Office of
PHistoriador City of Havana.
- Designs and wood carving calligraphic text for diplomas, for the RFA Universisdades and
PR.DA, on behalf of the University of Havana.
- Design a logo for the meeting ENGRAVING 83 of Havana, commissioned by the Experimental Workshop
PGr�fica of Havana.
- Designs and logo for the brand in dry mint workshop silkscreen prints RENE
PPORTOCARRERO, Cuban Fund of Cultural Property.
- Designs and calligraphic mark La Casona, commissioned by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property.
- Works and collaborates in the design team of the Cuba Pavilion.
- Work on the interior design of the Lenin Hospital in Holguin.
- He was technical advisor Recorded Course (Goal 2), organized by the Community of Madrid and the
PSocial Fund Europeo, Leganes, Spain.

He has won awards and endorsements:
- Second Prize of Teachers and Instructors Art, en Graphic Design category, Havana, 1975.
- Second Mention at the Salon of Professors and Instructors of Art in the category of Engraving La Havana,
PCuba, 1975.
- First mention in the Hall on July 26, in the category of Painting, Havana, Cuba, 1976.
- First Mention in Printmaking at the Hall of the City, Havana, Cuba, 1980.
- First Mention in Printmaking at the Salon of Young Artists of La Havana, Cuba, 1983. First Mention in
PDrawing in the Hall of UNEAC, Havana, Cuba, 1986.
- First Mention in Printmaking at the Hall of the City, Havana, Cuba, 1988.
- Special Jury Mention at the First International Minigrabado City of Orense, Galicia, Espana, 1982.

His works include: the Museum of the New Teacher of the city of Dresden, Germany, Museum of Art
FoundationContemporary Jauma Guasch in Barcelona, Museum Tower of Santa Coloma de Baldovina
Gramanet, Barcelona, Municipal Museum of Orense, National Museum of Cuba, and in personal collections
of different countries like Mexico, Colombia, United States, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Spain, Argentina,
Russia, Hungary, England, Peru, France, Sweden, Panama, Finland, Yugoslavia, Japan, Italy, etc..

Uribazo is filed in the book:
MEMORY. Cuban visual arts of the Twentieth Century. (Page 351). Authors: Jose Veigas, Cristina Vives,
Adolfo V. Nodal, Valia Garz�n, Dannys Montes de Oca. Posted by California / International Arts Foundation.
Report: Cuban Visual Arts twentieth century, so far, the most comprehensive publication on the arts Cuban
visual period. Through its 576 pages are summarized 473 major artists and groups in the fields of painting,
sculpture, prints, photography, graphic design, humor, ceramics, illustration, instalacionismo and performance,
from the 1910s to the present. It also includes a selection of critical texts on the history and development of
Cuban visual arts of the twentieth century by Cuban authors from different periods, as well as a comprehensive
study of 94 of the most significant exhibitions of Cuban art produced in Cuba or abroad between 1921 and 1996,
illustrated with photographs, affiches, catalogs and original documents. this publication it comes with a CD
containing a detailed artistic biography and bibliography of the artists included, some of which have developed
their careers outside of the island. Memory ... runs, therefore, the development of visual arts Cuban undoubtedly
among the most important in Latin America since the beginning of modernity to this day.

INCURSION RECORDED IN CUBA. 1949 to the 1997, David Matthew. ARTECUBANO EDITIONS (Page 90) with a
lithograph of the year 1985.